Gaggia Classic Coffee Machine Review  

Check out our  Gaggia Classic Coffee Machine review to find out if it is worth buying or if you should avoid purchasing it.

Gaggia Classic Coffee MachineFeatures
Some of the features that the Gaggia Classic coffee machine has include a rotating milk frother, solenoid valve, filter holder, excellent pressure and it is compatible with coffee pods. Some of these features will be discussed in more detail throughout the next few sections of this review.The Pros
There are many pros that the Gaggia Classic coffee machine offers you. Below are a few of the pros.

  • The Frother- One of the best things about this coffee machine is the rotating frother. This feature will turn milk into froth within a few short seconds, and soon you will be sipping on the perfect latte or cappuccino
  • Solenoid valve- This valve comes in handy because it makes cleaning the machine very easy. You will find that this valve allows you to clean the machine with minimal effort, and it is virtually hassle-free.
  • Consistent coffee temperature- You will enjoy consistent coffee pressure with the Gaggia Classic coffee machine. The reason why is because it features a filter holder. Your coffee will taste just as good as most restaurants. Basically you will enjoy a Barista experience, but only right from your home.
  • Durable and reliable- Many coffee machines on the market today are not that durable, nor are they that reliable. If you want a coffee machine that is very durable, then you will want to get the Gaggia Classic coffee machine, as it is designed to last you for a long time, regardless of how often you use it. Also, it is very reliable. In matter of fact it is one of the most reliable coffee machines that you can purchase.
  • Easy to use- it is very easy to use, and it will not take you a long time to figure out how all of the settings work, nor will you find it difficult to figure out how the machine’s features work.

The Cons
The good thing about the Gaggia Classic coffee machine is that there are really no cons. However, some people consider it to be pricey, but that is not the case at all. When you purchase the Gaggia Classic coffee machine, then you are purchasing a machine that is in a league of its own. It has quality features, it is built to last, reliable and it makes delicious coffee. Let’s not forget that it looks good too, which means you can put it virtually anywhere in your kitchen and it will not be an eyesore. All of these things make the Gaggia Classic machine worth the price.

Some people do not consider the price to be a con, but there are a few people who may not want to pay the asking price. However, they should know that they are purchasing a high quality coffee machine that is worth every cent.

You may be wondering if the Gaggia Classic coffee machine is the right machine for you? The answer to that question is most definitely yes, and you should purchase it as soon as possible. The sooner you get this machine, the sooner you will be able to enjoy delicious coffee.

Gaggia Official Australian Distributor is Segafredo Zanetti.

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Why knowing the coffee grinder maker is important for good coffee?

coffee grinder maker is the company that makes the machine, for example, La SanMarco, Mazzer, Eureka and perhaps thousands more in the whole of the coffeeindustry.

When it comes to evaluating coffee grinder, people would tell you factorssuch as burr, weight affects the consistency of the grind size and also thequality of your brew.

When you start the process of buying a coffee grinder, the first thing is tonarrow down to a certain area which you might be interested in, brand namesmight be something you want to consider.

So, how would you know which brand is good? There are a few things which Iusually consider if the company is worth the trust. The very first thing is thetradition of the company.

A business has to do something right, for them to survive for lonf time. So,the longer a company is around, the likely hood that the products that it hasis high-quality.

Being established is not enough, you need to be growing to be consider good.Your neighbourhood store has been around for decades, but you would probablygot to a hypermarket for your grocery right?

So, the coffee grinder maker that has growth is one that can be trusted.

The last factor is the popularity of the products and the company. And thislast factor is joined to the second one. You cannot be growing and not bepopular, thus if the second factor is met, usually the third factor would alsobe satisfied.

If you want a company as a reference, and if I would to choose, my choicewould be La San Marco. They are close to a century old, has been growingsteadily and is being used by some of the largest coffee series so wouldfulfilled the 3 factors of being a trustable company.

Since 1920, the La San Marco machines have marked the historical milestonesof this century, developing with uninterrupted continuity the technology andperformance of the field; a brilliant Italian name that has successfullyexported the great espresso tradition all over the world and that now, througha consolidated organization and an efficient commercial network, is positionedamong the top ranks of world manufacturers of espresso coffee machines.

Saeco Aulika – Office coffee machine – Coming soon in Australia

Segafredo Zanetti Australia (Exclusive distributor of Saeco Vending Equipment) is glad to announce of the launch of Saeco Aulika during the Fine Food Australia 2012. (Melbourne – September 10- 13)

Aulika is a professional automatic machine designed for the Office coffee market, and is the expression of the high quality of Saeco technology. It is equipped with a brewing unit with preinfusion and electronic regulation of coffee in the cup. It is also equipped with the “one-touch milk” dispenser function, which is compatible with the office requirements, and with a hot water wand. Aulika is operated through a direct selection keypad, with an easily read display.

The machine will be an addition to the current product offering and it represents a new level coffee experience within office market segment.


Segafredo Zanetti is Official partner of all Italian National Football Teams: National A, Under 21, Juniores, Futsal, Women.
Segafredo Zanetti will be the coffee supplier of Casa Azzurri both in Krakow, where the Italian National Football Team will have their Headquarters, and on tour during the Elimination Round of the European Football Championship Poland-Ukraine from June 8 till July 1st.
This time Segafredo Zanetti will also support the National Team in the Qualifying Round for the 2014 FIFA World Cup that is going to be held in Brazil during June-July 2014 where our Company will hopefully have the honour to be beside our Team in this important tournament. The partnership will continue in Autumn 2014 on occasion of the Qualifying Matches for the 2016 European Championship.