The Worlds Biggest Coffee Plantation

Did you know that the single largest coffee plantation in the world (located in Brazil) is owned by Segafredo Coffee?

They have a “Plant to Cup” process – as where most other coffee brands just have a “Bean to Cup” process. Simply because Segafredo owns the plantation, it has access and can control the entire production chain, and so they can guarantee the best possible end result in your cup.




The plantation is located in a region that has the ideal soil, climate, position and irrigation for growing coffee. It has been developed in an eco-friendly fashion, with the intention of safeguarding and protecting the environment. The unique climate and experienced, dedicated team of farmers make it possible to produce the best varieties of coffee: Catuaí, Mondo Nuovo, Catucaí and Icatú. The yearly production per plant is 1.5 – 2 kg of coffee.


As if that wasn’t impressive enough, did you know that They have coffee mills and green coffee companies in Brazil, Honduras, and Costa Rica? Green coffee trading companies in Switzerland, Brazil, Indonesia, and Vietnam? And that their 12 roasting plants can process upto 2.5 million bags of green coffee per year? That’s 150.000 tons of coffee…


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